ARENA... of the young arts

The student-run ARENA Festival has been presenting different types and formats of performance art as well as dance and physical theatre in Erlangen for over 30 years. The festival is organised by the non-profit association ARENA - der jungen Künste e.V.. The management team, consisting of students, works on a purely voluntary basis and carries out the theatre week with the voluntary help of other students.

The festival concept focuses on contemporary, interdisciplinary, multimedia and experimental productions that have developed independently of the institutionalised theatre system and are realised at unconventional venues. During the festival week, the rather unusual and experimental performance venues shape Erlangen's townscape and the regional cultural scene.

For five days in June, artists from all over the world are invited to address the respective festival motto formally and thematically with their projects, thus making a sustainable and productive contribution to the independent theatre scene.

Our Team

Lara Hansmann
Artist Management
Taina Roma
Artist Management
Fiene Lessentin
Artist Management
Mara Bumüller
Artist Management, Catering
Louisa Schocke
Bjarne Rauer
Marie Kuboth
Finance, Volunteer Coordination
Vanessa Biermann
Logistics & Interior
Hanna Römmelt
Logistics & Interior
Marius Beyer
Logistik & Interior
Viena C. Schall
PR & Marketing
Annika Bauerfrohn
PR & Marketing
Katrin Müller-Lund
PR & Marketing
Florian Fischer
PR & Marketing, IT
Belen Nicole Otto Ruiz
Miriam Sapio
Team Management
Melanie Kuch
Team Management
Felix Stockerer
Vincent Woltmann
IT, Technology