all the moves we make in the dark

Thursday 22.06.

When the audience enters the hall and takes their seat, they are already there. After all, they have set all of this up. Unobtrusively, they direct the action on stage, while the sparse illumination of the control consoles hides their routine hand movements. They wait in the darkness and stand ready for the emergency, should the stage suddenly catch on fire. But now they want to finally step on stage themselves.

In their production »all the moves we make in the dark« Hanni&Anni illuminate the lack of visibility of non cis-male technicians in the theatre. Together they embark on the trials and tribulations of a professional field in which it is necessary to constantly relate to a masculine gesture of doing and explaining through one's own everyday performance.








By and with...

Hannah Brown and Anne Küper

Interviews and scenic participation: Awa Winkel, Fynn Schroer, Nina Koempel
Dramaturgic consultation: Nina Koempel

Sponsored by?

Cultural office of the city of Frankfurt, Cultural office of the city of Gießen
Cultural promotion by Sparkasse Hildesheim, City of Hildesheim
Foundations: Erhard Friedrich Stiftung, Friedrich Weinhagen Stiftung, Heinrich Dammann Stiftung