A break from CHAOS - A MOVEMENT Performance

Saturday 24.06.

This year's co-production is a premiere twofold. As always, it is a world premiere that was created in cooperation with the ARENA Festival. This year, for the first time, young artists from all over Germany were able to apply for our financial and personnel support. The ARENA Festival team chose the production by Ehab Suwwan from Erlangen.

The dance performance »A break from CHAOS - A MOVEMENT Performance« is an artistic reflective representation of a reality entrenched in chaos. Born into a social order determined by social and political conventions, Ehab Suwwan tries to come to terms with this reality. He is determined to pause the chaos, overcome powerlessness and briefly regain control through MOVEMENT.


Ehab Suwwan






By and with...

Ehab Suwwan

Sponsored by?

The performance was co-produced with ARENA - der jungen Künste e.V.. The team supported the artist both financially and with personnel in the realisation of his project.