22. — 26.06. ⸻ 2022 → Erlangen


→ Altstadtmarktpassage

The Festival Center is the heart of the festival! Here, festival visitors can relax between performances, get into conversation and exchange ideas about the festival and the productions with the artists, the jury, the festival team or other festival visitors over a drink.

Dive with us for a week into another world full of colorful and and crazy performances! Let yourself be inspired by artists from all over the world and make new contacts with like-minded people. Eat and drink, celebrate with us, visit our social program and become a part of our ARENA family for a few days... The festival center is located in the Altstadtmarktpassage - Hauptstraße 55 - in the middle of Erlangen's old town.

You are very welcome!


»Na de Kus« is a contemporary presentation about new beginnings and how important they are for us. New beginnings that we encounter in a wide variety of life situations. They can be big changes, like leaving your home country and becoming a resident in a new country, which leads to completely changing your life and getting to know new customs and people. But it can also be the small new beginnings like we experience every day, meeting new people around us, starting a new relationship or getting up earlier than normal.

The video performance will be broadcast continuously in the festival center.

By and with: Carlos Bonilla and Fatima Monrreal

Hannes Hochmuth, born in Erlangen, is particularly known for his street art under the name "Dachs". After two years of self-study, he has been studying painting at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin since October 2021. The starting point of his work is the observation of his surroundings. On rambles of a freshly moved Berlin is examined for peculiarities. He notes places that he classifies as place and time, makes photos or sketches, establishes contact with people. During studies in nature, he found that "being" on the spot has an important influence on the process of painting. Thus, his paintings capture not only a visual impression, but also his perceived emotion, as well as the time that has passed. The pressure of time gives the paintings something libidinal, urgent. Creating art while being part of the public also has an interactive nature that he likes to explore. He tries to capture time periods in places through painting or drawing and make them tangible. In doing so, it is important to him to be part of the place himself, in order to also allow non-visual impressions to flow into the painting through self-experience.


26.06. — 10 Uhr

The morning of the last festival day after the closing party of the ARENA Festival 2022 should be an opportunity to look back together. Everyone is invited to have breakfast together with the team and the artists. Between coffee and croissants, conversations about the past days can arise and experiences can be shared in an open setting.


26.06. — 12 Uhr

After the hangover breakfast, we will look back on the past two years with companions and actors of the ARENA Festival. How has the time of the cultural lockdown changed us in terms of our work? What is different today? What will remain? How do we allow touches to emerge through screens, masks or spatial distances? In the process different perspectives from culture and science will have their say and there will be the opportunity for the audience to contribute questions and comments to the debate.


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