22. — 26.06. ⸻ 2022 → Erlangen

Friday 24.06.

Right for Fight


School of Disobiedience


Admission free

From love to hate, from blindness to open eyes, from longing to boredom, from harmony to conflict. We want to stay but go, to separate but forgive, to care but hurt, to open but close.

Full of contradictions, conflicting emotions, ambivalent reactions, paradoxical, passionate and irrational choices, the duet »Right for Fight« conceives love as a universal combat sport without protective gear, where vulnerable fighters constantly rewrite the rules, negotiate power, fight with each other, for each other, against each other and alongside each other.

By and with: Anna Ádám and Eva Mora
Production: Gray Box

Language: no language
Origin: France/Hungary

Further dates

23.06. — 13:30 → Rathausplatz