What is limited? 

What is constantly being told?

That which is repeated hundreds of times, always says something about what is rarely or never told. These boundaries that we have drawn are being torn down. At the same time, the limits of what is possible are constantly being stretched. We must acknowledge that we are not endless. Bodies age, strengths diminish, capacities are exhausted.


We want to renegotiate, create spaces, spark thoughts and shape discourses. Not be dogmatic, but always stand up loudly for humanity. Let’s build new, rebuild, preserve, change, and show that WE, even in a world on the edge, still holds power.

How will our future be constituted and what will our community look like then? How can we draw strength and resilience from the collective, even though we are sometimes separated from each other? How can something be simultaneously unique but still emerge from the same structures?

We resist imposed boundaries and redraw them. From the dimly looming thoughts of tomorrow, we create a hopeful, sparkling space. Because we are certain: In limitation lies possibility, in rarity potential, in imperfection uniqueness.


So, let’s think about limited editions.

Festival Center

You are more than welcome!

The festival center is the heart of the festival! Here, festival-goers can relax between performances, get into conversation and chat about the festival and the productions with the artists, the festival team or other festival-goers over a drink.


Once again this year, the ARENA team has put together a varied supporting program for you. Visit our workshops or take part in one of our artists' offers! Get to know new people, discover hidden talents and be inspired by the artistic atmosphere of the ARENA Festival. You can find all information here.

Our patrons

Dr. Florian Janik

Mayor of the City of Erlangen

Anke Steinert-Neuwirth

Consultant for culture, education and leisure

Prof. Dr.-Ing.  Joachim Hornegger

President of FAU