Don't let me down

Sunday 25.06.

After the tragic death of their icon, 5 friends feel compelled to give their lives new purpose and meaning. They find what they seek in the founding of a Beatles cover band and intend to quickly build on the worldwide success of the English rock group. »Don't let me down" is a pop-cultural rollercoaster ride about the fear of being alone, not letting someone down, tense group dynamics, Beatles cover bands, time travel, abuse of power, tap-dancing, good and bad communication, artificial intelligence, true stupidity and unconditional love.

In this musical-theatrical production, the principles of traditional theatre are collectively disrupted and reshaped. The play intersects real-life routines with the mysterious, leaving the question: what is my reality? What is our reality? During the search for it, don't let me down, please. Don't let me down.








By and with...

Aron Torka
Ben Gebel
Anton Schaper
Hannes Baake
Theo Teichmann
Jonas Brümmer
Raoul Biedinger