22. — 26.06. ⸻ 2022 → Erlangen

Saturday 25.06.



Deepfake Situations



The performance »Reanimation Training« is a social and participatory choreography that examines the coming together of people and simulates it as an emergency.

Gestures and positions are taken apart and reassembled, so that familiar elements of a reanimation training are deconstructed and alienated. Between tension and relaxation, unconsciousness and expansion of consciousness, it is explored how the participants can be placed in relation to each other and to what extent this can be changed. A familiar situation is turned into an action with artistic means.

By and with: Felix Falczyk and Johanna Herschel

Sponsored by Giessener Hochschulgesellschaft

Language: German/English
Origin: Germany

Further dates

25.06. — 16:00 → Sponselhalle