Cloud Theatre

Tech is a Being

An expedition into the spheres of future-oriented thoughts integrated into the World of Technology.


Foto by Tobiasz Papuczys

Tech is a Being is about human fantasies of the future, deploying only elusive technological means such as live light drawing, music improv or live directing. Thanks to the successful coupling of technology and art, the performance managed to send ripples through the theatre world, and got a lot of attention. From a review: “Cloud Theatre’s digital mechanical – artistic – aesthetic potential is immense, at times downright awe-inspiring”. According to Teo Dumski, the director of the performance and founder of Cloud Theatre, is “Tech [...] everything we can experience – starting with the mechanics of our body, up to the computing power of modern processors”. Tech is a Being is not just a performance. It is a monumental, multimedia show, creating a new theatrical language.


Teo Dumski, Igor Gawlikowski, Przemysław Micha- lak, Sebastian Siepetowski, Adam Kabat, Magdalena Gornicka-Jottard, Bożena Bukowska, Davit Baroyan, Kamil Dysiewicz


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Cloud Theatre
Eröffnungsfreier + Tech is a Being
Tickets only at the evening box-office
Location 5: Experimentiertheater (Bismarckstr.1)

Cloud Theatre
Tech is a Being + Talk Art
Poland / above the language, kein nationaler Sprachbezug / 100–120 Min.
Location 5: Experimentiertheater (Bismarckstr.1)