29. international Festival of Dance, Theatre and Performance

19th – 23th of June 2019
Motto: Guilt and Stage

ARENA... Of The Young Arts is an international dance, theater and performance festival which takes place in Erlangen every year. For four days different artists from all over the world show their art, which has been inspired by the yearly changing motto of the festival. In different independent locations artists show contemporary, multi medial and interdisciplinary productions. Besides the exiting program, there are also workshops, concerts, movie screenings, discussions and installations to inspire people and bring them together. In our Festivalcenter, there is always time for artists, festival guests and helpers to come together, to relax and exchange interests and new impressions.

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Tech is a Being

Motto: Guilt and Stage

Are we guilty?

The theater of the year 2019 is charged with several accusations: Instrumentalization, crossing boundaries/limits, cowardliness. There is a long list of delinquencies of the “young stage” but who is the indicter and what does the theatre of our present time owe to society? The theatre as a mediating instant is in conflict with the conception of art as purpose-free. This time ARENA of the young arts wants to support the international exchange of young groups of artists also on a structural level and raise philosophical questions – like the question of Guilt and Theatre. The search for morality, for justice or social concepts has always been a key theme in art, especially in theatre. In this post-modern world of ours, the boundaries of what can and what cannot be shown on stage becomes blurry. How are we supposed to handle the highly relative and context-dependent theme of guilt in contemporary theater? What are we allowed to show and what should finally be shown? We want to state our position. Therefore, we are looking for courageous artists, who see in guilt the potential for creative processes and are not afraid to also ask unpleasant questions in their work. At the same time, we want to create new freedom/ free spaces with these questions and let the stage itself be subject of the discussion. How can the young stage be more courageous? How can ARENA be even more open/free? Guilt as an impression of artistic license and stage as a place for this impression. Guilt in conflict with stage. Guilt and Stage.

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